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Why choose the Foremost Property Group to buy your dream property overseas

If you are looking to buy an overseas property for holidays, emigration, retirement or investment purposes the Foremost Property Group can help, offering you a choice of over 75,000 properties worldwide.

Searching for the perfect property is easy

Our extensive range of properties from leading international and local property agents, developers and private buyers gives you a comprehensive choice of dream homes which meet your criteria.

All property prices are shown in the local currency and the sterling equivalent - calculated using the live interbank exchange rate, or you can choose another currency, by clicking on our currency convertor on the left hand side of this page.

To help you fine tune your search we recommend you simply save the properties that interest you in the 'My property list' and complete your contact details.

Once we have received your contact details the relevant agents will be in touch with you to provide you more detailed information on the properties and guide you through the viewing and buying process.

Feel free to build up a comprehensive list of desired properties.

Associated with Foremost Currency Group

The Foremost Property Group is a subsidiary company of the Foremost Currency Group. Our currency company can ensure you receive the best exchange rate on your property purchase or sale. Even if you do not find your perfect property on this website, when you do find your new home, speak to Foremost Currency Group and find out how you can get a better rate of exchange, purely by registering as a Foremost Property Buyer.

Start your search today for your perfect property abroad.