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If you are an agent, developer or private vendor, the Foremost Property Group website can help you find a buyer for your overseas properties. The site benefits from more than 200,000 hits a month, ensuring your properties will be seen by thousands
of clients.

Private Clients

Agents & Developers

The Foremost Property Group works in successful partnership with the best agents and developers worldwide to offer clients a diverse range of overseas properties. This is a free service to agents and developers, and the Foremost Property Group does not receive any commission on resulting property sales.

The site offers an easy way for clients to search for properties abroad and clients can quickly contact multiple agents by utilising the 'My property list' feature.

If you are an estate agent or developer and would like to include your properties on this site, please register here and within 24 hours you will be sent a password to access your account online. You will then have access 24 hours a day to be able to upload property details, amend listings and see how many times they are viewed.

Automated upload
If you have a number of properties to include on the site, you can upload them via an automated XML feed. This way, you don't need to list new properties or remove sold properties from our site as the changes will automatically take place on FPG too. We can import XML feeds from a number of the larger providers & portals or alternatively, we have an XML specification which you can use to create a direct feed to Foremost Property Group.
The best thing to do is get in touch with us via our Contact Form and we can work out the easiest option for you.

The Foremost Property Group is associated with the Foremost Currency Group, a foreign exchange specialist, offering commercial rates of exchange, up to 5% better than banks. The Foremost Currency Group works in partnership with thousands of agents, offering commission on referrals that lead to a currency exchange deal. To find out more please call Greg Spurway on +44 (0) 1442 892071.

Private Vendors

The Foremost Property Group helps many private vendors find a buyer for their property.

To upload your property's details, including a full description and photographs, there is a one-off charge of £59 (including VAT) per property featured. For this single cost, the property will remain on the site until you have secured a buyer, or wish to remove it. You will receive login details and can update the property details on line any time you wish. Foremost Property Group does not receive any commission on resulting property sales.

To view the Terms & Conditions for registering with the Foremost Property Group and uploading your property's details, please click here

Rates up to 5% better than banks
When you have secured a buyer for your property, the Foremost Currency Group, associated with the Foremost Property Group, can secure a commercial rate of exchange to transfer your funds back to sterling, up to 5% better than the banks. Your dedicated account manager will explain the options available to you and be your single point of contact throughout. Click here to send for an information pack on currency exchange.

If you would like to upload your property, please call Greg Spurway on +44 (0) 1442 892071.

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