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What Clients Say About Foremost Property Group

Foremost is one of the most respected names in the overseas property market.

The following is a partial listing of comments received from people who have used the site.

Anthony and Lynne Elston

"Having initially contacted Foremost Property Group regarding a property in France that we were interested in viewing, we were put in touch with a French agent and after deciding to purchase, returned to Foremost Currency Group to proceed with the financial aspect of the sale. Although the pound declined rapidly, our personal broker was on hand with guidance to help with the stress of when to buy and to transfer funds at the right time. We would recommend the Foremost Group to anyone thinking of buying a property abroad as the quality of service and friendliness of the staff helped us enormously and we are now the proud owners of a lovely holiday home in France."

French Estate Agent

"As an Agent Commercial (estate agent) in France targeting the right people is of utmost importance to me, this is why I feel very fortunate to have found the Foremost Property Site. I have worked with Foremost Property Group now for over nine months and not only do they give a good representation of my properties in France but their communication with me is second to none. I have sold several properties through the site. I receive from my account contact, on a regular basis; not only personal enquiries for my properties but also general enquiries from people seeking homes in my area. It is a professional site, but giving me a personal service. A partnership I am lucky to have."

Florida Estate Agent

"We have advertised on the Foremost Property Group website since April 2009 and have received regular enquiries from interested purchasers. We are very happy with the response we have received."

Susan and Dave Mills

"After speaking to our broker, we decided to use a Forward Contract to purchase our house in France. The Forward Contract rate was fixed at €1.22 to £1 in June 2010, just after the market had hit a spike. This compared to a rate of €1.18 available from our bank, and the bank did not offer the option of a Forward contract. Using the Forward Contract with the Foremost Currency Group is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Regardless of where rates may move (I'm not a gambling man!) I knew what the property was costing. When the time for completion arrived, Foremost arranged the transmission of euros directly to our solicitor. We've calculated that the combination of using the commercial exchange rates available through the Foremost Currency Group and the Forward Contract has saved us over £11,000. It's not all about the rate though. I found Foremost's knowledge of the buying process second to none, and having one point of contact from start to finish was a real benefit. As buyers, we were very keen to negotiate a good price on the property. In the event, we actually saved more using Foremost than we did with negotiating the price! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Foremost to anybody looking to buy abroad."

Spanish (Canaries) Estate Agent

"I have been working with James from Foremost Currency Group for a few years now and I have lost count of the number of times I have recommended his services to both my clients and colleagues. He is consistently professional and reliable. In dealing with money transfers where a property deadline is concerned he is always efficient and uses his initiative to ensure things run smoothly. His forecasts and news letters are invaluable. Whilst being professionally first class he is also a joy to work with as he is bright, cheerful and strangely funny for someone in the finance sector! I will be working with James and Foremost for many years."