Wanting to live in Spain but an older property is not really your thing? We asked one of our agents in Spain to outline the advantages of buying an off plan new build.

2016 has seen a rise of many off plan projects around the areas of Marbella, Estepona and Benahavis with high quality spec and are receiving lots of interest with foreign buyers.

Some of these projects sold more than 60% of the units within a month which showed once again the strength of the market. Buyers like the idea of getting a property all brand new, with the latest modern amenities, quality build, bigger terraces and many other features that you only get with these new developments.

It’s also about the sensation, the sensation when you enter your brand new apartment, the smell, the new taps, the new paint and the new modern kitchen, it’s sensational.

Below are 10 reasons why you should consider an off plan purchase:

• The new properties are being built with the latest EU standards which is obligatory for builders.

• New buildings have excellent noise insulation to reduce the noise of adjacant neighbours.

• New properties have better thermal insulation.  This stops heat from escaping in winter and keeps the heat out in summer (and will keep your electric bills down!).

• Any new building has 10 years guarantee for the building and minimum 1 year guarantee on the appliances.

• New properties can offer bigger terraces, larger windows with modern contempory look.

• Costs of maintenance are lower and as a result the cost of community fees will be lower.

• When you look at new buildings that have just been built you have the opportunity to choose the best unit that satisfies your needs. Best corner, best views etc.

• With new off plan buildings you don’t pay the full price now, you can pay in installments.

• The price is realistic and well adjusted to the current market.  Plus you can benefit from launch prices which will be lower than the price of the finished product so you will save more.

• When you purchase a new building the quality of build, finishes, bathrooms and kitchens are much higher than older buildings.


So there you have it, 10 reasons to consider for buying new off plan properties.


Written by Max Pakbaz, CEO of South Spain Properties

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