There are so many reasons why you should move to Portugal, but we have put together our top 10 for you.

  1. Beautiful beaches

Ponta da Piedade – named as possibly the most beautiful beach in the world by Huffington Post, is one of the beaches Portugal’s 600 miles of coastline has to offer. With much of the coast consisting of sandy beaches and, coupled with Portugal’s excellent climate, it is easy to see why this is a popular holiday destination.

  1. Catch a wave

With famous surfers such as Carlos Burle, Garret McNamara and Andrew Cotton (to name a few) breaking historical surf records here, it is no surprise that Portugal has lots to offer for surf lovers. The largest waves ever surfed were in Portugal.

  1. Wine

With a strong wine tradition and internationally awarded wine regions (Douro, Maderia and Alentejo), Portugal certainly has lots to offer wine lovers. Wine tourism is certainly big here, with plenty to see and explore with wine hotels, restaurants, caves and wineries as well as the beautiful scenery and local culture Portugal has to offer. Best viewed with a glass in hand.

  1. Best country in Europe

Voted by readers of USA Today, Portugal has been crowned the best country in Europe. It was stated that the country “offers a lot of opportunities for travellers: charming villages, good food, regional and fascinating music, cultural opportunities, a beautiful coastline and even surf”. No wonder it is so popular!

  1. Get ready to tee off…

For 3 years on the trot (2013, 2014, 2015), Portugal was awarded the World Travel Awards’ “Best Golf Destination of the World” award, with Algarve receiving the “European Golf Destination of the Year 2014” award from the International Association of Golf Tour Operators. Looks like if you are a keen golfer, this is definitely the country to be in!

  1. Small yet charming

Take a trip through the countryside and find Portugal’s small picturesque villages. These attractive and interesting places, not only are great to explore, but many have their own local festivals and traditions to take part in and experience.

  1. Food, glorious food

Like every country, Portugal has its own cuisine which has many tasty offerings. Some of the dishes include: sardines; codfish; bread with Chorizo; Francesinha (meat sandwich smothered in melted cheese and a hot tomato and beer sauce, served with French fries); Alheira de Mirandela (a type of Portuguese sausage); Caldo Verde (a popular kale and potato soup); Açorda de Marisco (a sliced bread dish with garlic, coriander, poached eggs and shrimps) and Serra da Estrela cheese (a sheep’s milk cheese, similar looking to Camembert). Not only does Portugal have a wide variety of food to try, the country boasts 13 Michelin stars.

  1. For those who have a sweet tooth

As already shown above, Portugal offers a wide variety of savoury cuisine. However, it is also famous for its Pastéis de Belém (egg custard tarts). Here are a list of some other delicious sweet treats that Portugal has to offer: Travesseiros (sweet puff pastry filled with almond cream – best served warm); Queijadas (or Portuguese cupcake – made with a ricotta-like cheese, eggs, milk and sugar); Pão de Ló (leavened sponge cake); Torta de Azeitão (a delicious cake roll filled with an egg and cinnamon cream); Bola de Berlim (or Portuguese doughnuts) and Bolo Rei (or King Cake – eaten during Christmas until the Dia de Reis on 6th January). Much like Portugal’s savoury food, each region will also have its own specialities and flavours.

  1. Weather

Portugal is one of the warmest countries in Europe, with over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year (certainly more than in the UK), making it perfect for those beach lovers. Looking for something a bit colder? During the winter, the ski regions can reach negative figures with snow, especially at Serra da Estrela.

  1. Architecture

With influences from its historical invasions and artistic neighbours, Portugal has grown into a country highly awarded for its architecture. Many of its palaces and castles are listed internationally as some of the most beautiful places in the world, so it is easy to see how those invested in culture could get lost in this magnificent country.


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