When moving to New Zealand, the majority of immigrants end up living and working in and around Auckland – yet for locals, this is one of their least favourite places to live. The high property prices, high cost of living and higher than national average crime figures are some of the factors that push Kiwis to live elsewhere.

Want to know where New Zealanders think the best 4 places to live are? Read on below.


The second largest city in New Zealand, so it is understandable that those who emigrate here are usually looking to work not retire. Famous for its culture and history, with an excellent climate and facilities for both adults and children to enjoy, Christchurch is certainly a lovely place to live, especially for families. As Christchurch is close to the coast, it is perfect for those who love water sports and the majority of locals don’t find it hard to balance their work and social lives.

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Bay of Plenty

Bay of Plenty has recently been increasing in appeal among New Zealanders who are looking for somewhere to enjoy 2260 hours of sunshine every year. With the coastal areas offering a micro climate with an average summertime temperature in the mid-twenties (perfect for fruit cultivation), the Bay of Plenty is great for those who would like to take a slower life course and perhaps retire here.

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Waikato is a very fertile region, so great for those looking to work in the agricultural industry. Housing is more affordable in the majority of the region, with towns such as Hamilton being far more affordable than in Auckland. There are increasing employment prospects across the region and good educational facilities, making it a good area for families to consider.

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Although Dunedin doesn’t have the best climate compared to the rest of New Zealand, it does have lots to offer in employment and education opportunities. With its rich Scottish heritage, beautiful old buildings and great walking routes, what it lacks in climate, the scenery definitely makes up for it.

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If you are moving to New Zealand and you’re really not sure where you want to go, hopefully these 4 places have given you more options to explore than just Auckland.

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