Well versed in understanding the needs of luxury property buyers, Robin McEwen, Managing Director of Foremost Group, imparts his insights of interior design developments in the luxury housing market.

Many of Foremost Group‘s premium clients have a portfolio of luxury homes and when they furnish their secondary residences they often do so in a completely different style to their main home with many selecting a modern, minimalistic feel. They are increasingly looking for unique one-off pieces from up and coming designers from up up-and-coming designers from around the globe.

Lighting can make a lasting impression to a property so it is crucial to a successful interior design that there is a balanced composition of light and space. The illumination of your property should not only create the right ambience but it should also reflect the architectural style of your home.

A light touch. Chandelier
A light touch. Chandelier

The Milan-based lighting specialists, Artemide, are one of the most prominent illumination brands in the world – synonymous with design and innovation. Their iconic lights have graced the homes of royalty, celebrities and artists since they were founded in 1960.

In New York the lighting scene has been abuzz since the launch of Roll and Hill, in 2010. Roll and Hill bring together a number of independent lighting designers producing on-demand lighting, bespoke to their clients’ needs.
The Dutch design company Moooi has showrooms around the globe with a range of work from internationally recognised designers. Raimond Puts, a specialist in technical engineering, designed a range of perfect sphere pendant lights for Moooi featuring geometric layers that spread light in all directions.

Lutron Electronics leads the way in automated lighting control solutions. Creating the ambience you want through an iphone or android device, wallmounted keypad or tabletop control, saving energy in the process.
Christies, the world’s first fine art auctioneers have an exquisite collection of rare and unique lights, lamps and chandeliers. Whilst Lobmeyr, the Austrian glass manufacturer, have been handcrafting items of beauty since 1823, and with the acquisition of chandelier manufacturer Zahn (founded 1780), they have a strong foothold in both the historical and modern glass/crystal lighting market.


Along with the lighting in your home, rugs and carpets also play an important role in your interior design project.

A light touch. Vivienne Westwood
A light touch. Vivienne Westwood

While antique rugs and carpets used to lead the way in the luxury market, it is now the contemporary designers that are putting the wool (or silk) under the feet of the most discerning customers. The Rug Company, with showrooms across the world, has a wide selection of both vintage and traditional rugs as well as the highest quality contemporary rugs from designers ranging from Alexander McQueen to Vivienne Westwood.

Customised rugs, crafted from the finest hand-spun and hand-dyed materials are increasingly popular with clients work and designer rug makers to get a luxurious product bespoke to them. The process can take up to a year but the end result in an exquisite piece of aesthetic beauty that enhances your decor. Nodus not only offer an outstanding collection of handmade unique pieces from Italy’s top rug designers but they also offer a bespoke service to clients.

For a real piece of art head to Keshishian in Pimlico Road, London. They have one of the world’s most beautiful collections of capets and tapestries ranging from pop-art numbers to antique oriental carpets.

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