Italy is split into 20 regions and has over 4,700 miles of coastline along with outstandingly beautiful lakes, ancient cities and stunning countryside.

The Apennine Mountain range runs down Italy’s centre making it perfect for owning a property that can be within easy reach of both mountains and beaches. Each region has its own unique geographical and cultural distinctions with exceptional local cuisine and friendly locals.

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Popular regions in Italy

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buying a property in AbruzzoAbruzzo

Abruzzo – In the centre of the Italian peninsula, Abruzzo has wonderful sandy beaches on the Adriatic coast as well as over 20 ski resorts in the Apennine Mountains.

As this region is not as well-known as Tuscany, it is considerably more affordable and has good transport links with the UK with Ryan Air flying regularly to Pescara.

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buying a property in CampaniaCampania

Campania – Incorporating the Amalfi Coast and Naples, Campania is also home to Pompeii and the islands off the coast including Capri. It is famous for its food and stunning coastline.

Prices here remain high and on the islands properties are extremely expensive. As it is such a popular holiday destination it does have a thriving holiday rental market.

buying a property in friuli venezia giuliaFriuli Venezia Giulia

Friuli Venezia Giulia – Nestled between the Veneto region, Slovenia and Austria, this region has golden beaches, gentle hills and mountain peaks.

As this area is relatively undiscovered by the British, the properties here offer good value for money.

The Italian Lakes – Studded with celebrity homes and surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the Italian Lakes are stunningly beautiful.

Extremely popular with both locals and foreigners, the prices and demand in this region are higher than in most other regions of Italy.

buying a property in LiguriaLiguria

Liguria – The Italian Riviera dei Fiori (The Flower Riviera) with nearly 200 miles of coastline has been a popular holiday resort for hundreds of years.

The properties available are diverse and extremely popular amongst Italians and foreigners alike.

buying a property in PiedmontPiemonte (Piedmont)

Piemonte (Piedmont) – Due to its top ski resorts, vineyards, Lake Maggiore and the cities of Milan, Genoa and Turin, Piemonte attracts tourists all year round.

Holiday rental properties offer a good opportunity in this region which is competitively priced compared to Tuscany.

buying a property in apuliaPuglia

Puglia – Guaranteed sunshine makes this area very popular. It has a remarkably diverse landscape from beaches and lagoons to mountains.

The Gargano promontory (the heel of the boot) became a National Park in 1991, limiting the potential for urban development.

Accessibility has improved with the arrival of the low cost airlines and with prices much lower than elsewhere in Italy, Puglia is now a popular region to buy in.

buying a property in sardiniaSardinia

Sardinia – The Mediterranean’s second largest island with some of the cleanest and clearest water in Europe. Sardinia is renowned for its diverse culture, geography and food attributed to its ancient history.

Property prices vary across the island from the very expensive Northeast (some of the most expensive in the Med) to the more reasonable in the South, Northwest and inland villages.

buying a property in tuscanyTuscany

Tuscany – The most loved region of Italy by foreigners, Tuscany is renowned for its cypress trees and vineyards as well as the stunning cities of Florence and Siena and the most famous tower in the world, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. As Tuscany is so popular with non-Italian buyers, the prices continue to rise.

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buying a property in umbriaUmbria

Umbria – Landlocked and right in the centre of Italy, Umbria is a region popular with tourists but not as crowded as the likes of Tuscany. It is often described as the ‘the green heart of Italy’ referring to its rolling hills and agricultural significance.

Property prices in Umbria continue to rise as demand increases due to neighbouring Tuscany becoming unaffordable for many.

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buying a property in venetoVeneto

Veneto – Stretching from the Dolomites to the Adriatic Sea, Veneto is famous for its capital city Venice, yet other towns are now becoming more accessible due to its infrastructure.

There are four UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Veneto: Venice and its lagoon; Verona; Vicenza and Padua’s Botanical Garden. Outside of Venice property prices are more affordable.

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