The volcanic archipelago of the Canary Islands consist of seven main islands, located 62 miles off the west coast of Africa. The islands most popular amongst holiday makers and property buyers are Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and La Palma.

Known internationally as the Islands of Eternal Spring, the Canary Islands are in a state of perpetual summer with an annual average temperature of 21C, making them as perfect for a winter getaway as they are for a summer holiday. Many chose to make the Canaries home.

The majority of the islands’ local inhabitants live in the north of the islands where it is cooler and more mountainous, whilst the foreigners are attracted to the more southerly parts of the islands that tend to have the beach resorts and warmer, drier weather.

Tenerife has the highest point in Spain, Mt Teide, at 3718m high (higher than the Pyrenees) and Mt Teide offers hikers the opportunity to ascend it if they have the appropriate summit permit (free of charge).

For those seeking adventure Gran Canaria is a hiking and biking haven with a bike trail network that extends across the island.

Sun, waves and wind make for the perfect combination for adventure watersports with ideal conditions for windsurfing, surfing, and kitesurfing.

With the cool blue waters of the Atlantic and numerous stunning beaches that offer powder white or volcanic black sand, there is a beach for everyone, with many perfect for children.

Ferries and fast catamarans connect the islands and Tenerife is the hub for inter-island sea traffic. There are airports on each of the popular islands with low-cost airlines servicing them.

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