In the middle of the Mediterranean sea, 60 km South of Sicily, Malta’s crystal clear turquoise waters draw tourists and expats alike. One of the best Southern European climates with 350 days of sun a year, Malta is world famous for its diving spots, due to some of the clearest waters in the world.

Malta is steeped in 7000 years of history with charming architecture. The Maltese archipelago consisting of three islands – Malta (the main and largest island), Gozo, and the small island of Comino.

Malta become independent from British rule in 1964 and this is still evident in the administration of the country, the education system, driving on the left hand side of the road and English being one of the official languages. These make Malta an attractive proposition for the British property buyer and with property contracts written in English it certainly makes the buying process much easier than many other European countries.

With fantastic weather all year round, friendly people, and beaches to suit everyone’s needs Malta is an idyllic spot to buy a property.

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St Julian’s & Sliema

The busiest region of Malta consists of the once quiet fishing villages, but now resort towns of St Julian’s and Sliema.

This region has been developed with many buy-to- let apartment blocks and townhouses along the coast. It is renowned as Malta’s entertainment region with its offerings of restaurants and nightlife.

The sandy beaches, stunning marinas and fashionable shopping make this region the most expensive in Malta.

buyproperty in central maltaCentral Region

Quieter than the rest of Malta, the central region still has many untouched gems waiting to be renovated and as such this region is still popular amongst buyers wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the coastal resort towns.

The three villages of Balzan, Attard and Lija offer houses of character in the traditional architectural style.

buy property in northern maltaNorthern Region

The northern region of Malta has some of the most spectacular bays in the country and is a haven for walkers and hikers seeking stunning views and is also excellent for diving.

Whilst quieter than St Julian’s & Sliema, the coastal towns of St Paul’s Bay and Mellieha are busy over summer with both locals and foreigners offering a range of accommodation and entertainment.

buy property in southern maltaSouthern Region

Often thought of as the ‘real’ Malta, this region is underdeveloped compared to the other coastal regions and as a result is more affordable. At its busiest during the summer months with plenty of restaurants and entertainment it offers some lovely fishing villages, areas of archaeological interest, coastal caves including the Blue Grotto and the cliffs of Dingli.

buy property in gozoGozo

Popular amongst Maltese wanting a weekend getaway, Gozo is an island where time has stood still and still retains the charm of Maltese traditions but is much quieter than the main island of Malta. Gozo is world famous for its crystal clear turquoise seas and diving sites. While Gozo has new property developments it is teeming with houses of character and farmhouses, many of which have already been restored but opportunities to renovate still abound. Prices tend to be lower than on the island of Malta.

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