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Renting in Canada

So you have decided that Canada is to be your new home. “Congratulations”.

It is no wonder Canada is one of the most popular countries for migrants from Europe and the UK. Canada constantly outperforms other countries with its high standard of living, job opportunities and recently it moved up in the world as the second most socially advanced country, according to the 2016 Social Progress Index.

The index, ranks 133 countries in three major categories; “Basic Human Needs,” “Foundations of Wellbeing” and “Opportunity.”

“Canada is known for its social welfare policies. It also leads the world on the opportunity dimension, ranking first place in Access to Advanced Education (87.42), thanks to its top-ranking universities and access to tertiary education,” reads the report.

So now that you have decided you are off to Canada, the hard work begins. From finding a property, searching out best schools for your children, sorting out jobs, visas healthcare etc.  To minimise the stress of the move, you will find our renting/buying property guide to Canada useful.

Download our free essential guide to buying and renting a property in Canada. Our guide takes you through all the stages involved in the buying process as well as a wealth of handy tips. Helping making the buying process easier for you and your family.

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