Renting in Canada


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Renting in Canada

Canadian provinces have their own legislation relating to rental property. Each province has its own legislation relating to rental property and the government has put together Provincial and Territorial fact sheets that outline specifics for each region on:

  • Rental periods
  • Inspection reports
  • Security deposits
  • Terminating a lease
  • Rent increases
  • Entry/evictions and late payments
  • Dispute resolutions

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Costs of renting

There are a number of costs associated with renting in Canada but, unlike the UK, property (council) tax in Canada is paid for by the landlord. Rent for the period of the lease is often requested as post-dated cheques (e.g. 12 cheques for a one year lease).There is also a bond (security deposit) which in some Provinces cannot exceed one month’s rent, in others it cannot exceed two weeks’ rent.

Sometimes utilities and cable tv are included in the rent. Maintenance costs may be included in the agreement, so it is important to find out what is covered and what is excluded.

You are not responsible for normal wear and tear during your tenancy and general maintenance is the responsibility of the landlord. Ensure that you and the landlord sign an Inspection Worksheet at the beginning of your tenancy and take photos or videos of any areas of concern. This will make it easier when your lease comes to an end.

Home contents insurance is highly recommended.

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