Christmas can be a great time to travel abroad to take part in the different celebrations that the world offers. Below are a few of the most popular Christmas destinations and some property suggestions so you can make the most of the country and discover its Christmas traditions.

Salzburg, Austria

Austria – the Baroque architecture, subalpine scenery and music. Salzburg, the epitome of this and the birth place of Mozart, offers a festive and intimate market set against the background of the Cathedral and accompanied by wind instruments and choral signing.


1 bedroom apartment for a romantic weekend getaway in snowy Salzburg – £139,000


2 bedroom apartment, perfect for a small family or a friends getaway – £236,000


Make it a family affair with this 3 bedroom house on the sunny side of Piesendorf – £354,000


3 bedroom apartment perfect for avid skiiers (or those who enjoy the snow but would rather relax in the comforts of a spa) – £157,000


7 bedroom house perfect to bring all the extend family to for Christmas – £375,000

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Barcelona, Spain

For Spain, the Christmas celebrations start at the end of November, with the most famous being the Christmas market in Barcelona. The old narrow streets offer a friendly atmosphere where you can sample Spain’s Christmas traditions and find some unique gifts.


4 bedroom modern villa with pool. Perfect for Christmas with friends or family – £893,000


4 bedroom villa with a great views of the landscape. Perfect for a family Christmas – £754,000


Stunning 5 bedroom villa with sea views from nearly every room with a beautiful pool – £662,000

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Strasbourg, France

Home to the oldest Christmas market in Europe, Strasbourg’s market is certainly worth a visit. Spread out over the city, the market not only hosts 300 stalls, but 4 Advent concerts, a living nativity and authentic live music and cultural events.


1 bedroom apartment near the city centre, ready to move in to – £360,000


2 bedroom apartment in walking distance from the Cathedral – £194,000

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