Are you thinking about moving to France, but unsure what is happening with the property market?

At last week’s France show we caught up with leading property agent Nigel Cowles from Allez Français and asked him his thoughts on the current market.

Has the property market moved over the past 12 months?
Originally the market did experience a slowdown after the announcement of Brexit, but we have found since then that the market has started to recover once again. For the time of year we are busy with viewings and property deals and this has been seen across the whole Allez Français company.

I feel that people still want to realise their dream and have accepted that Brexit is here to stay, so are just getting on with it.

We have always found that if you have a quality product it will sell quickly and for a fair price whatever the market.

Have buyers’ budgets changed recently?

We have seen that those looking more towards the top end (above £500,000) have had to re-adjust their budgets, as this is where our niche seemed to be. However, we are finding that we are having more buyers at the £300,000 level now and this is mostly down to the sterling/euro exchange rates; meaning people adjust their spending accordingly.

Have buyers’ expectations about what they can buy changed?

Not really, expectations are always far greater than reality, so buyers have to make allowances when actively searching for their property.

It’s all swings and roundabouts really.

What was one of the most commonly asked questions at The France Show last weekend?

The major one at the moment is “How will Brexit impact my access to healthcare and pensions when I move to France?”. No one is 100% sure, however, we always tell our clients to consider a range of options and it is important to address these issues and get them in shape before moving by talking to professionals. What we do know is that you might have to pay more for healthcare but this is worth it, as France has one of the best healthcare systems, and this is especially important as the majority of expats are of retirement age and will need the healthcare system at some point in the future.

The other question we are frequently asked is “Will I be accepted into France after Brexit?”

Again everything is unclear, however, as Australians, Americans, South Africans, amongst other nationalities, can all buy properties in France and live in this beautiful country, the possibility of British people not being able to enjoy owning a property and living in France seems highly unlikely.

If you are keen to fulfil your dream of a living in France, don’t give up on your dream, living in France really is paradise.

For more information on the French property market, or if you have any other questions that you would like to ask Nigel or one of the Allez Français team, please contact them on the details below. or contact Nigel Cowles

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