Both cities rival each other for changeable weather, great food, easy living and quality of life, but which one floats your boat?

Bike friendly: How tough are you?

Wellington is famous for having mountain bike trails from your office door, so take on the challenge after a long day in the office.
Wellington bike trails

Melbourne provides you with unlimited cycle routes across the city and beyond – these are mostly scenic and flat.
Melbourne bike trails



Street art: both cities embrace street art, which one do you like best?

Wellington street art

Melbourne street art tour




Cool coffee lounges: Wellingtonians and Melbournites take coffee seriously, I mean seriously, so check out these coffee bars to spend a day in, never mind just 10 minutes.

Wellington coffee lounges

Melbourne coffee lounges




Houses: On a hill with the best views of the harbour or along the coast 3 miles from the city centre?









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