Known for its tucked away beaches and expansive coral reefs rich with marine life, the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao is an undiscovered haven by many Brits. We spoke to the largest estate agent on the island to discover why this island needs exploring.

Could you tell us a bit about your company and what makes your company so special?

Hi I am Farah Kabbara and I am one of the Sales Associates for RE/MAX BonBini – Curaçao. What makes our company so special? We are a worldwide company, so I think that speaks for itself.


Where are your clients based?

Most of our clients come from Europe, predominately the Netherlands, but we do have lots of American clients also. We find that most people come to Curaçao for return on investment properties and this suits our client base.


Are you seeing more people invest in luxury/high end properties?

Yes definitely. Most of our clients are looking in the high end pat of our property range. Most are investors that come from abroad that want the beach, pool, hotel style apartments etc.


What are the key features within a home they are seeking?

Our clients look for the paradise life beach, sun, sea. But they also want to live there but feel like a tourist every day.


Do many of your buyers rent out their homes to the holiday market?

Yes. We also have a management side to our business that deals with return on investment.


Which is the most popular region of Curaçao people buy in and why?

The most popular is the Blue Bay development. This is on the golf course but also has the sand, sea and sun that is craved by our clients.

Click the image below to view more of this development

What do your clients look for in properties in this region?

Most of our clients like the ready-made developments as these have communities, pools, cafes, restaurants, spas etc so they can enjoy Curaçao life and not feel isolated.


Has there been a change in what clients look for? If so, why?



Have prices moved in the past year? If yes, please explain



Have you seen a shift in the type of buyer over the past year?

Since Trump was elected, there have been more investors from the US.


Are British buyers different in their needs than other buyers?

We only have a few British buyers and no their needs are not different. However, we are trying to open up connections with the UK so that we can help more British clients move here.


Has Brexit impacted on property sales at all?



What types of properties are the best sellers and why?

Ready-made, ready to move into properties, as our buyers can just move in straight away and start enjoying Curaçao.

Is there anything you would recommend clients do before purchasing a property?

No. Our buying process is straightforward and clear. Any international client looking to invest here can get residency for themselves and their families, so there are no issues with that.

Why should clients use your company?

Because we are reliable, experienced and have the most beautiful listings!


Do you offer an after sales service?

Yes, as previously mentioned we offer return of investment management.


Finally, why should people buy property in Curaçao?

Tropical paradise, clear water, white sand, sunny island, beautiful people!


Any final thoughts?

We are currently re-running the offer below, so take advantage of this great price!

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A few of RE/MAX BonBini’s hot properties.






For more information on Curaçao and the properties RE/MAX have available, please contact Farah on the details below.


Farah Kabbara
Sales Associate
Tel. (+5999) 462-9770, Cel. (+5999) 690-8067




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