Currency Exchange

currency exchange

Don’t leave it to the last minute to think about moving currency

Many buyers and sellers think about moving money abroad as one of the final stages into buying/selling process.

Choosing when to move money abroad is something we suggest to customers they consider early on in the search process.

Our customers find by speaking with a currency broker earlier on in the process they can time their currency transactions to obtain a better rate of exchange.

Our sister company – Foremost Currency Group, have been helping customers move money internationally for house sales for over 10 years.

They pride themselves on offering a very personal and knowledgeable service, particularly when it comes to buying and selling property aboard.

Expertise in the buying/selling process abroad

At Foremost Currency Group all our clients have a dedicated account manager, who has a sound understanding of the overseas property buying and selling process.

This knowledge has proved invaluable to over 15,000 clients and has earned the company the reputation as being a trustworthy, genuine, knowledgeable team of brokers, committed to getting their client best rate of exchange and supporting them through the buying/selling process

What leading French Property agents Allez Francais say about Foremost Currency Group

One of the most important actions that a buyer / seller has to undertake is to use a specialist currency broker, rather than a bank when sending money to or from France. Foremost Currency have been the dedicated and preferred brokers for Allez-Français clients for over 10 years now, and we have known Robin and Adam on a personal level for around 15 years. They secure preferential rates for our clients, and we can testify that they get the money to the right place at the right time. (Not all companies or banks manage that we can assure you). We see Foremost Currency as an integral business partner, and we share a common goal, to provide our clients with excellent levels of service

Want to speak to someone knowledgeable today?

To find out more about how we can help you make the most of your currency and to give you good old fashion guidance, don’t delay in ringing one of our friendly knowledgeable brokers today on +44 (0) 1442892060

Not ready to think about moving money yet?

Even if you are at the very early stages of considering purchasing abroad, and want to find out a little more about how currency transfer options and how it all works, our team of friendly brokers  are keen to share with you their knowledge and understanding of the buying/selling process abroad.