Looking to migrate to Australia?
We asked Mortgage Express how you can prepare for applying for a mortgage in Australia.

Items to help you prepare for applying for Home Loans in Australia:

• Copies of past Pay Slips
• An Employment Letter on Company Letterhead
• Details about your new employment
• Certified Identification for 100-points requirement (Drivers Licence, Passport, Marriage Certificate,
Credit Cards)
• 3 months of loans and savings account statements
• Credit Card Statements
• Tax returns, Australian or from overseas
• Credit History from overseas if available
• Details of your residency Visa
• Proof of ownership of any other major assets or investments

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to preposition you for your move

Vicky Devine: +61406 863 226, Vicky.devine@mortgage-express.net
Karen Laursen: +61427 757 281, Karen.Laursen@mortgage-express.net

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