Thinking about moving to New Zealand but concerned about earthquakes? Read more.

Sitting on the edge of two continental plates, New Zealand’s location is exactly what gives the country much of its well-renowned natural beauty. But beauty can be a double-edged sword. As New Zealand sits on a fault line, earthquakes happen on a regular basis, however the majority of earthquakes are not felt. Nevertheless, feeling an earthquake however small can still be a frightening experience.

Our Kiwi property expert Tee Macpherson has just returned from New Zealand where she experienced a number of the earthquakes highlighted in the news recently. Tee’s relaxed attitude to earthquakes as a Kiwi is apparent when she tells everyone not to worry about a rattle here or there. Kiwis are resilient to such seismic activity, and in fact they have got better at building houses and offices to withstand the most violent of quakes.

This may be easy for a native to say, but for those of us looking to make the big move down under, is there cause for concern?

The real risk of being killed in an earthquake is relatively low in New Zealand, partially due to the high level of earthquake resistant buildings, but Kiwis are also told to prepare themselves for natural disasters with a natural disaster emergency kit recommended by the New Zealand government. This should contain enough food and water for at least 3 days and be in each location that you or your family could be in when a disaster occurs, e.g. home, work, car, school etc. Schools and companies hold regular earthquake drills to ensure everyone knows what to do.

Kiwis are kept informed through the website which records every quake which occurs, but will quickly reassure you as the majority of quakes happen without being felt.

As much as it is easy to say don’t worry about the earthquakes, it is scary experiencing shakes which you have no control over. All you can do is make sure you are prepared and then keep calm.

New Zealand will always be shaken by quakes, but it is hasn’t prevented thousands of people emigrating there over the past 200 years. So don’t let a few shakes prevent you from moving to this beautiful country.

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