Check out the latest stats on salaries in New Zealand, as expected salaries vary depending on the sector and also where the job is based.

Overall Wellington based jobs generally pay higher than Auckland and Christchurch, and overall the three major cities pay higher than the provinces.

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Category Median pay Range
Accounting $65k $40k – $125k
Agriculture, fishing & forestry $50k $35k – $85k
Architecture $75k $45k – $115k
Automotive $55k $35k – $85k
Banking, finance & insurance $65k $40k – $115k
Construction & roading $60k $37k – $135k
Customer service $42k $35k – $65k
Education $55k $35k – $80k
Engineering $70k $40k – $125k
Executive & general management $95k $42k – $225k
Government & council $65k $42k – $125k
Healthcare $55k $35k – $95k
Hospitality & tourism $40k $32k – $65k
HR & recruitment $65k $42k – $129k
IT $95k $45k – $207k
Legal $65k $40k – $133k
Manufacturing & operations $45k $35k – $85k
Marketing, media & communications $65k $40k – $115k
Office & administration $47k $35k – $65k
Other $45k $32k – $95k
Property $75k $40k – $135k
Retail $40k $32k – $65k
Sales $55k $37k – $105k
Science & technology $55k $35k – $115k
Trades & services $52k $35k – $85k
Transport & logistics $47k $35k – $75k
Source Trade me Jobs October 2016 – March 2017
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