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Mobile Phones

With only three mobile networks and eight carriers operating in New Zealand, competition is not as high in the UK. Therefore, as expected, the price of mobile communications are higher than the British customer is used to.  Although prices have dropped considerably in recent years many customers use a Prepaid (or Pay As You Go) pricing model if they find that a monthly plan is too high. Prepaid allows you to get a phone number without subscribing to a long-term plan.  It is also recommended to buy your phone outright to give you more flexibility with plans.

The three mobile networks available in New Zealand are 2degrees, Spark and Vodafone with Bluesky, Skinny, Slingshot, Warehouse Mobile and Compass onselling their products.
Whistleout, a comparison website, compares all the phones and models available in the New Zealand mobile market.

You will also need to check what is included in each plan before you make your final decision.  Some offer carryover minutes and data so that you don’t lose any unused minutes or data at the end of each month, while others offer unlimited calls to New Zealand and Australia.

Network coverage is something to consider when selecting your plan. All three networks tend to have strong signals in built-up urban areas but in more remote spots this is not the case.  Spark, formerly New Zealand Telecom, claims that 97% of New Zealanders can receive their 3G signal. Vodafone states that 98.5% of New Zealanders can receive their signal and 2degrees claim that 97.5% of places that Kiwis live and work are covered. It appears that Vodafone currently offer the best 4G coverage with 92% of New Zealanders able to receive 4G signal. Each network has a coverage map on their website.

Landline Phones and Internet Service Providers

The Government has committed a $2 billion investment to provide ultra-fast broadband to 75% of New Zealanders in 33 towns and cities by 2019 as well committing to a Rural Broadband Initiative. This investment will bring benefits of improved connectivity to nearly 98% of New Zealanders, meaning that wherever you chose to live you will be able to connect to the global community.

Chorus, the company rolling out this investment, offers a broadband checker. This shows the connection speed that is available in the property where you are looking to live.

To find a landline/homeline and broadband provider the comparison website will ask for your usage requirements and recommend the best option for your needs based on where you are located. Most companies offer combination plans which include landline, broadband, television and sometimes even energy.

Local calls in New Zealand are free but it costs to make calls to the rest of New Zealand and abroad.


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