Spanish Partners

Moving abroad can be both costly and stressful, although having the right advice and support throughout the process can ensure that you minimise the impact of both of these factors as much as possible. Our international partners are here as they are companies who we trust in their speciality field.

None of our partners pay to advertise on our site, they are here because they are our trusted partners in their speciality fields.

Spanish Mortgage Specialists

International Mortgage Specialists for Spain – IMS

IMS - International Mortgage Solutions

An independent mortgage advice company based in Spain, International Mortgage Solutions have been arranging mortgages for non-resident buyers since 2002 and have placed over half a billion mortgages in that time.

IMS provides professional expertise for buyers in Spain and in this non regulated environment replicates where possible practices that must be followed in the UK when giving mortgage advice.

The IMS team offer full advice guidance on all aspects of borrowing in Spain from initial budget assessment, recommendation of lender and product, financial approvals in principle right through to completion. By working with a wide range of Spanish banks, IMS ensure the best possible products can be offered to clients, matching the clients’ requirements to the banks criteria.