Over the month of March we looked at where the most popular areas are for British buyers to purchase property in. Having collected the top 7 destinations, we wanted to see why they are so popular.

Poitou-Charentes | Aquitaine | Murcia | Almería | Alicante | Malaga | Malta



This region in France offers a wonderful mild climate, with a coastal area that is the sunniest part of France outside the Mediterranean coastal areas. Combine together climate, easy access (flying or driving), excellent property prices and the home of Cognac, it is no wonder this is one our property buyers’ top picks.

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With its long coastline opening out towards the rest of the world, Aquitaine lies at a crossroads between the routes linking Paris and Spain, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. A region of contrasts between the sea and the mountains, Aquitaine is a rich land with varied landscapes. Property in Aquitaine is also very varied, with all types of houses for sale -from the Landes or Basque style house to the Béarn or Périgord style farmhouse. It is a real paradise for those looking to own foreign property – it is good to live here all year round, or simply for the holidays. Surfers, skiers, hikers, gourmets, wine snobs and lovers of architecture will find what they want here.

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Spain’s unspoilt Murcia coast is a welcome alternative to the other popular Mediterranean regions. Gastronomes will be happy to know that the variety of Murcia’s fresh produce means that its diet is varied and healthy, but with its close proximity to the sea, Murcian cooking does rely heavily on fish and seafood. One of Murcia’s most well-known dishes is arroz al caldero, an iron pot full of rice and fish (typically grey mullet, monkfish or grouper), with a side serving of alioli (a garlic mayonnaise). Sounds delicious!

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Situated in the south east of the Iberian Peninsula on the shores of the Mediterranean, Almería offers over 100 km of untamed coastline and landscapes of outstanding beauty. The diverse landscape and the almost perfect Almerían climate have made this province the ideal place to locate a substantial film industry (think Spaghetti Westerns), and the region has played host to some of the most famous stars of the screen (such as a young Clint Eastwood). Its exceptional predominantly untouched coastline borders the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Nature Reserve, with long sandy beaches and secluded coves bathed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean. The traditional festivities of the Moors and the Christians provide all year cultural activities and diverse food dishes.

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Alicante, the capital of the Costa Blanca, is located on the east coast of Spain. With the airport 8 miles from of the city and connections to most UK airports, Alicante is a great city to visit for a varied and rich cultural experience. The city offers experiences such as the Archaeological Museum MARQ (declared ‘The Best European Museum’ in 2004); Santa Bárbara Castle; the MUBAG Fine Arts Museum; the Nativity Scene Museum and the Bullfighting Museum. Enjoy the many outdoor spaces Alicante has to offer such as the Ereta Park, located on the side of Mount Benacantil, or the famous Explanada de España, the Marina and the promenades surrounding our beaches. In a region which prides itself on many fiestas, you are never going to short of things to do, whether on your own, with your loved one or with family and friends.

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With Malaga’s main draw being the fantastic climate, there is a lot more to discover here than just sun, sea and sand. Liberally sprinkled with pretty pueblos blancos (white towns and villages) and stunning architecture from its Moorish rule, Malaga certainly has something to please the xenophile in you. Try exploring the more remote villages as they retain an away-from-it-all charm and aren’t as busy as the coastal strip. Discover this charming region and find your ideal property whether on the coast, or in the quaint villages which spread across this unique part of Spain.

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Often described as the jewel of the Mediterranean, this tiny and often over looked country doesn’t disappoint. With a buoyant economy providing fantastic returns on property investment, high employment and year round sunshine, it is no wonder the British love this little jewel. If the main Island – Malta, isn’t for you, then discover its little sister – Gozo, for a more relaxed laid back lifestyle. Properties in Malta and Gozo range from rambling farmhouses to state of the art penthouses, just set you budget and start discovering.

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