Gran Canaria is an enduringly popular holiday destination for British tourists, especially the calm and sunny south of the island.

With it’s stunning golden beaches, wild countryside and heady mix of resorts, it’s the sort of place that people come back to year after year.

Many loyal Gran Canaria visitors decide that just coming on holiday to Gran Canaria isn’t enough. Instead, they opt to buy a property on the island, either as a holiday home, rental investment or a permanent home.

There are almost 4,000 full-time British residents on the island, plus thousands more who spend the winter.

So what is it about Gran Canaria that drives so many people to buy?

The best climate in the world

Gran Canaria’s capital city is officially the city with the world’s most pleasant climate but on the island itself it has a reputation for being cloudy.

It’s actually the south of Gran Canaria that gets the best weather.

And it really is spectacular – with blue skies for over 300 days per year and temperatures in the pleasant zone of 24-28ºC almost every day. Rain and strong wind is rare and storms are so infrequent that they make the headlines.

At just four hours flight from Great Britain, and with dozens of flights every day, south Gran Canaria is the closest destination for buyers looking for a year-round place in the sun.

The best of both worlds

Gran Canaria’s resort areas cater to foreign visitors and offer a full range of leisure and health services to both residents and tourists. The island has over 80 beaches, ranging from resort beaches with a vibrant atmosphere to quiet bays where the seagulls outnumber the sunbathers.

But there’s more to Gran Canaria than the resorts and the beaches. Most of the island remains untouched by tourism and the hill towns and central highlands are pristine and local.

You’re only ever a few minutes away from tranquility even if you’re based in a busy town or resort.

A huge range of property

South Gran Canaria property varies from one bedroom apartments on resort complexes with pools, bungalows shaded by native palms trees, all the way up to seafront villas and modern houses right on the golf course.

With this variety comes an excellent range of prices that suit almost all budgets. Quality one-bed apartments in resort areas close to the beach start at £60,000 and you can buy a two bedroom bungalow for around £100,000.

Great value for money

Property prices in Gran Canaria, as with the rest of Spain, fell after the 2008 crisis. However, they are now stable and starting to rise in desireable areas.

Right now, they are at historic levels of value and the future looks bright due to a buoyant tourism market and rising local business confidence. The Canary Islands are a safe destination with European standards of living and security.

And that’s before you even factor in the year-round use of a Gran Canaria property. The island doesn’t have a winter so the island is mild and sunny every month of the year.

There’s no close season for Gran Canaria property owners who want to escape from the British climate and spend a week in the sunshine. In terms of lifestyle return on investment, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Investment potential

With prices at a decade low and tourism booming, south Gran Canaria property is an enticing investment. The cost of owning a Gran Canaria property is reasonable compared to other similar places due to low level of property ownership tax.

Buy the right property in the right area, and you can also earn a rental income all-year-round, and you can buy safe in the knowledge that property rights in the Canary Islands are firmly established and protected.

Buying a Gran Canaria property

As with all property purchases abroad, it pays to get quality local advice from a professional estate agency.

In Gran Canaria there is an additional bonus for buyers. All agency commissions are paid by the seller and included in the sale price. This means that foreign buyers get quality service and advice from the best local estate agencies without it adding to their costs.

Article supplied by Cárdenas Real Estate Gran Canaria.

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